PLAN GREEN   by Patrick Cloutier

Driving Islam and the EU out of Europe

“Plan Green” is so named, for that color’s importance as a symbol of Islam, and the use of Islam by the European Union, as an agent of destruction of the historic peoples of Europe.


Objective 1) Reversal of decades-long Muslim and African migration to the European Continent and British Isles. By the end of operations, there shall be no Muslim or African peoples populating Europe. All shall have either been repatriated or driven out.

Objective 2) Simultaneously, dismantle the totalitarian European Union apparatus and restore a Europe of nations.

Objective 3) Secure the future of the European Continent and British Isles as home to the historic peoples of Europe.

Ideally, Plan Green would be executed under the leadership of the United States, but absent that, British, French or Russian leadership would be equally effective. This operation could also be led by another European nation, which might return to the world stage.

The outline below is intended to be a general template for the liberation of Europe. In actual practice, events may occur independently of the template sequence, for any number of reasons, be they military, political, economic, etc. Operations should be coordinated by a Supreme Allied Command, so that strategy and operations may be implemented in concert, contingencies be used to maximum advantage, and objectives be ultimately attained.


To one degree or another, the nations of Western Europe, Scandinavia, and Southern Europe are threatened by violent, growing Muslim and African colonies, within their respective borders. The historic populations of Europe face the danger of being replaced  by African and Muslim populations, due to low fertility rates of the historic peoples, in the face of high invader fertility rates, the latter of which are supported by EU/state policies. At present, the nations of the former Warsaw Pact, that is, Russia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Romania, have demonstrated that they are politically committed to denying entry to the invaders. In this regard, Hungary and Poland stand out for their leadership.

Most members of the EU are also members of NATO, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which precedes the former.

NATO’s mission statement reads, in part: “The Parties to this Treaty…are determined to safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilization of their peoples.” Article 2 of the Treaty reads: “The Parties will contribute toward…peaceful and friendly international relations by strengthening their free institutions…and by promoting conditions of [internal] stability and well-being.”[1] Thus, NATO members are obligated to protect and preserve the freedoms, traditions, and cultures of the historic peoples of Europe. However, the ‘diversity’ requirements of the EU, to be attained via migrant invasion, run counter to NATO’s mission, and threaten the European race with extinction. While the NATO Treaty may promote European political integration, it does not call for the extinction of European peoples. None of the signatories acceded to a suicide pact and it is understood that “when a treaty becomes dangerous or incompatible with the independence of a state, or a permanent obstacle to…the rights of its people, it can be abrogated.”[2]

Chancellor Merkel’s decision to drown Europe in Muslim and African refugees, violates the NATO Treaty, for it 1) surrenders Europe to a people, faith and culture, which are hostile to Christianity and European traditions, and 2) it promotes conditions of instability and terror (as do, arguably, the actions of NATO member-state Turkey).

Chancellor Merkel cannot claim that EU Treaty obligations take precedence over the NATO Treaty, and thus force her to place Germany and Europe in peril, for the NATO Treaty prohibits this as well. Article 8 of the Treaty reads, in part:

Each Party…undertakes not to enter into any international engagement [that is] in conflict with this Treaty.”[3]

The above provides a legal basis by which NATO member-states may take direct or indirect political and military action against another member-state.

That actions must be taken at all, is a result of individuals (such as George Soros),[4] institutions (such as banking and the media[5]) and forces, which have combined against the interests of the historic peoples of Europe. The above comprise a crazed, globalist political class, led by a core of mattoids. These mattoids include representatives of every European nationality, and a hostile, aggressive Jewish minority, which despises the historic, majority populations. In the wake of World War 2, they progressively established totalitarian democracies, which have criminalized nationalist sentiment, by equating it with Nazism, thus silencing patriots. It was upon these regimes that the equally totalitarian European Union was constructed. It cements the various, repressive regimes together, under a European super-state.

Despite ongoing chaos in Europe, in recent elections in Austria, Holland and France, European nationalist candidates finished second. It would seem that the populist revolt in the West, while so far successful in America and the UK, has been momentarily squelched on the Continent. East-central Europe still remains free, as do Russia and Belarus.

Geographical Considerations for Plan Green.

Geographically, one might liken the political-military geography of Europe, to that of 1940s Axis-occupied Europe: only Russia and Britain remained unconquered. America, with its reservoir of supplies and manpower, added its strength. But everything between London and Moscow, was under Axis control. Today, Europe is similarly situated, with everything between England and Russia, with the exception of Poland and the Visegrad States, under the control of anti-white, anti-European, EU regimes. The present lines of control approximate those of occupied Europe in 1944, with the exception that while the EU’s nominal control of eastern Europe extends to the western frontiers of Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine, the line of resistance to the EU runs along the western Polish, Czech, and Hungarian borders.

Grand Strategy for the reconquista of 21st Century Europe calls for the Western Allies (US, UK) and Russia, Poland, and Hungary to fight a 2-front war against Merkel’s Germany. The mission of the US and the UK will be to ‘return to the Continent’, while that of Poland, Hungary and Russia will be to ‘drive to Berlin’. And just as resistance movements proliferated in 1940s Europe, so too, may national resistance movements be developed and supported in mattoid-controlled Europe.

Area of EU control in Europe 2017 (above), resembles area of Axis control in Europe 1944 (below).

The Four Basic Operational Scenarios of Plan Green.

Plan Green consists of four basic Operational Scenarios, implemented according to Strategic Cases (listed at the end), for the purpose of liberating the nations of Europe.

1) Develop/Support nationalist political parties against EU/globalist regimes.

2) Support for nationalist insurgencies against Islam and EU regimes and/or hostile states.

  • Providing weapons and logistical support to historic populations, for the purpose of defending their communities, counties, provinces, and nations, in the absence of will on the part of a given state to protect the population, or the inability of a given state’s military to carry out these essential functions, for example, Sweden.
  • Development of nationalist self-defense forces into insurgent movements and eventually, main-force armies, whose goal is removal of EU and globalist regimes. For example, support of Kurdish, Greek, and Armenian nationalists against Turkey.

3) Support for military coups d’etat against EU/globalist governments. For example, Greece.

4) Direct military action.

  • Against globalist regimes of European states; the overthrow of EU/globalist regimes in support of scenarios 1, 2, and/or 3; and if necessary, for the purpose of protectorate occupation, until the historic people and state sufficiently recover their capacity to function as an independent state; for example, Germany.
  • To expel Muslim/African invader populations. This may span the entire spectrum of warfare, up to and including the use of weapons of mass destruction against invader colonies, city sections, or even entire cities.
  • Direct action to overthrow a hostile regime and partition hostile regime’s territory; for example, Turkey or Ukraine.

The order of operations above is notional, as real-world conditions and requirements may call for a different order of priority, depending on circumstances.


One might argue for a “Germany First” strategy, as that state, particularly under Angela Merkel’s leadership, represents the greatest near-term, existential threat to the European race, for its policy of permitting limitless Muslim and African migration. However, in our opinion, it may be best to adopt the tried-and-true British strategy of attacking the vital peripheries, first for the purpose of immediately closing migrant entry-points to Europe, and second to establish staging areas for the eventual advance into Germany. Germany would then liberated and its invader population shown to the exit. Thus, securing Greece and Italy is a vital first step in Plan Green. As stated above, the order-of-operations is notional: for example, the actual flow of events may lead to the sudden viability of Scenario #3, due to sudden, unanticipated internal developments in a given state, France, for example. If the French Military were to overthrow the Macron Regime, then very obviously the Direct Approach to Germany becomes an immediately attainable goal. Such a turn of events would demand adaptability on the part of the Allied Patriotic Powers, in order to serve the ultimate strategic objective of ridding Europe of Islam and the E.U.


GERMANY. Population: 82 million. Leader: Chancellor Angela Merkel. Total armed forces: 178,334 men and women, 27,000 reserves; total police force: 243,625 or 1:296. Muslims primarily inhabit the larger cities. Nationalist Parties: AfD, NPD. Consider for Operational Scenarios #1, 2, 3, and 4. Merkel is allegedly not an ethnic German, but the offspring of a Jewish woman and Polish father. Under Merkel’s leadership, in autumn 2015 Germany began giving entry to Muslims who claimed to be Syrian war refugees, without any limit to their numbers. Within 6 months, 1 million Muslims, nearly all of them men of military age, arrived in Germany. Another 1 million have since gained entry and may win the right to bring over their families. The immediate consequences of Merkel’s decision were an unprecedented rape epidemic and crime wave, nearly all crimes being perpetrated by Muslim and African refugees.

FRANCE. Population: 67 million (5 million Muslims). Leader: President Emmanuel Macron. French armed forces number 208,916. Gendarmes total 98,155. Military Reservists: 28,000. Metropolitan French Police: 220,000 or 1 per 340 citizens. France has banned racial and ethnic censuses since 1978, due to over-concern that the term ‘race’ has Nazi connotations. Of Marseilles population of 900,000, up to 40% are believed to be Muslim. Wikipedia places the city’s Muslim population at 200,000. The Paris Region is home to 9 million Frenchmen and at least 1,000,000 Muslims and Africans. Calais, a city of 127,000, is besieged by a Muslim tent city of 10,000, which sprang up in the last few years. Nationalist parties: Front National, led by Marine Le Pen. Consider for Operational Scenarios #2 and 3.

ITALY. Population: 60 million (1.6 million Muslims). Leader: Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. Italian Armed Forces: 347,000 (103,000 Army); 103,000 Carabinieri; and 41,867military reservists. Police forces: 276,750 or 1:456. Under the leadership of recent governments, Italy has made itself both a transit point and destination for African and Muslim refugees, who have been arriving by the thousands on a monthly basis, since the overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Khadafy. The Italian Navy has been ordered to rescue any refugees they find at sea, save them from drowning, and bring them to Sicily or mainland Italy. So the Italian Fleet is required to help migrants complete their invasive journey to Europe. In 2014 there were 4.9 million foreign residents, of whom at least 1,000,000 were from Africa. Undoubtedly, the numbers of Muslims and black Africans has surged in the last 3 years. Two prominent nationalist parties are Forza Italia and Lega Nord.

BELGIUM. Population: 11.2 million (1.3 million non-Europeans, of whom around 800,000 are Muslims); of the Europeans, 59% Dutch-speaking Flemish and 41% French-speaking Walloons. Belgian Armed Forces: active-duty personnel number 25,000, with 1,673 reserves; Police number 46,784 or 1:412. In 2007 there were 80,000 Moroccans and 40,000 Turks living in Belgium. The same source however, indicates that in 2012 there were 1.3 million foreign-born (Morocco, Turkey, and Democratic Republic of the Congo). Moroccans and their descendents who acquired citizenship number about 450,000. Turks add another 220,000. Thus, the known figure for Muslims living in Belgium is 790,000, or 7% of the population. (Brussels population is 23.6% Muslim.) If one subtracts the Muslim total figure from the total foreign-born figure, this might give an estimated number of 510,000 black Africans or Congolese, who live in that country. Thus, about 12% of Belgium’s population is Muslim, or black African. Nationalist parties: there are minor nationalist parties, mainly in Flanders. Brussels serves as both the capitol of Belgium and the European Union. Consider for Operational Scenario #4.

FINLAND. Population: 5,500,000. Finland’s population is still ethnically very European. 88.67% speak Finnish, 5.29% speak Swedish, and 0.04% speak Sami. President: Sauli Niinistö. Prime Minister: Juha Sipilä. Military: 36,500 active-duty personnel, 357,000 active reserves. Police: 7,800 or 1:141. Finland’s government enforces oppressive ‘hate speech’ laws. Henrik Holappa, a Finnish nationalist, was persecuted for publicly stating that the recent spike in rape crime statistics could be traced to African and Muslim migrants, whom the government had permitted to enter the country. Consider for Operational Scenario #1.

SWEDEN. Population: 10,000,000; of this, 460,000 are Muslims (officially). Constitutional Monarchy: King Carl XVI Gustaf. Prime Minister: Stefan Löfven. Opposition Nationalist Party: Sweden Democrats. The Swedish government has long suppressed criminal statistics, which demonstrate that nearly 100% of rape crimes are committed by Muslims and Africans. The refugee population from Muslim and African countries, as of 2016, was at least 562,000. They are responsible for an unprecedented crime wave. Other statistics show their population at 591,000. Active-duty soldiers: 25,340. Reserves: 29,830. For 2019, 7 active battalions and 14 auxiliary battalions are planned. Police forces: 19,144, or 1:192. Sweden’s military has been reduced to such a state that it may be unable to cope with an Islamic insurgency. Consider for Operational Scenario #1, 2, and 3; Operational Scenario #4, with Finnish and Russian forces.

NORWAY. Population: 5,000,000. Constitional Monarchy: King Harald V. Prime Minister: Erna Solberg. Norwegian Army has 11,000 soldiers. Police forces: 11,000, or 1:210. The Norwegian government has long suppressed news of Muslim and African refugee rape crimes, as has Sweden, under cover of hate-speech laws. At least 10% of population, or 505,000, are Muslims from Morocco, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, and Iran. There does not appear to be an organized nationalist party in Norway. Consider for Operational Scenarios #2 and 3.

DENMARK. Population: 5,800,000; of this, 88.6% are of Danish origin, 5.7% is of other European origin, 3.7% of the population is Muslim. Monarch: Queen Margrethe II. Prime Minister: Lars Lokke Rasmussen. Military: 25,000 active-duty personnel, 63,000 reserves. Police: 11,000 or 1:192. Consider for Operational Scenario #1.

POLAND. Population: 38 million, 94% Polish, 4.78% Other, remainder European. President: Andrzej Duda. Armed Forces Total: 130,000. Of that: Army~77,000; Home Defense~62,000; Air Force~17,500; Navy~8,500; Special Forces~2,500; Military Reserves~20,000; HQ Commands and Support~30,000. In an operation to secure Germany, Poland and Russia could support nationalist parties and insurgencies, under Operational Scenarios #1 and 2, particularly in eastern Germany. Under Operational Scenario #4, Polish and Russian forces could enter the FRG from the east.

CZECH REPUBLIC. Population: 10,500,000, of this 64% Czech, 26% unspecified, 5% Moravian, 1.4% Slovaks, .4% Poles, 3.2% Other. Armed Forces: 23,184 soldiers, 7,663 civilians. Reserves: 1,490. Police forces: 40,500, or 1:383. In the event of a security operation in Germany or Austria, Czech forces could enter either nation from the east.

HUNGARY. Population: 10,000,000. Prime Minister: Viktor Orban. 83.7% Hungarian, 14.7% not declared, 3.1% Gypsy, 1.4% German. Armed Forces: 31,000. Prime Minister Orban took the lead in 2015, to stop the asylum invasion by refugees from Muslim countries and Africa. Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia followed suit. In the event of a security operation in Germany or Austria, Hungarian troops can reach Germany via Poland; in the case of Austria, Hungarian troops can enter Austria from the east.

TURKEY. Population: 80,000,000. President Recep Erdogan. 62-75% Turkish; 18-25% Kurdish; 7-12% other official minorities, i.e. Greeks, Armenians, Jews. Armed Forces: 410,500 active-duty personnel; 185,630 reserve personnel.[6] Police: 412,624, or 1:524. Turkey, under the leadership of Recep Erdogan, and in combination with Chancellor Merkel of Germany, has been in violation of the NATO Treaty Preamble, and Articles 2 and 8. By making itself a conduit for a Muslim migrant invasion of Europe, Turkey threatens the historic peoples of Europe, who are Europoid and Christian. Consider Operational Scenarios #1, 2, 3 and 4. Although Turkey’s capital, Istanbul (formerly Constantinople) is located on the edge of Europe, most of the country itself is not European, but rather located in Asia, as are Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

GREECE. Population: 11,000,000; of that, 100,000 Muslims, mostly in Thrakia. The number of Muslim refugees currently residing in Greece is unknown. President: Prokopis Pavlopoulos, Prime Minister: Alexis Tsipras. Greece’s population is 98% Greek Orthodox, and approximately 1% Muslim. Military: 180,000 active-duty personnel, 280,000 reserves. Police: 54,567 or 1:503.[7] The current government, which is pro-communist, gained power on an anti-bank austerity platform and thanks to the fact that the government imprisoned the opposition nationalist party, Golden Dawn, on false charges. It is the current government which permitted the nation in its charge to be used a transfer station, for millions of male Muslim refugees en route to the rest of Europe. Opposition nationalist party: Golden Dawn. Consider for Operational Scenarios #1, 2, 3, and 4.

UNITED KINGDOM: Population: 65,000,000. Prime Minister Theresa May. Armed Forces: 153,770 active-duty personnel, of this 20,000 British soldiers in Germany; 81,850 reserve personnel.[8] Police: circa 154,000.[9] The UK is 87% white, 7% Asian, 3% black, 3% mixed or other.[10] Opposition nationalist party: British National Party. If London sabotages BREXIT, consider for Operational Scenarios #1, 2, 3, and 4.

RUSSIA. Population: 147 million. President: Vladimir Putin. Armed Forces: 766,000. Reserves: 2,485,000.[11] Police: 756,859 or 1:515.  Russia is 81% ethnic Russian, 1.4% Ukrainian, 3.7% Tatar, and 14% other. Religion: 50% Christian, of this, the majority are Orthodox. Muslims: 6.5%. Spiritual but not committed to a religion: 25%. The remainder is Buddhist, native faiths, animist, atheist (13%), or undecided (5%). Russia is currently engaged in a low-intensity conflict with Ukraine; it annexed the Crimea in 2014, after a plebiscite in the region overwhelmingly chose union with Russia. However, the annexation is not internationally recognized.

UKRAINE. Population: 42,500,000. President Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. Armed Forces: 160,000 active-duty personnel, 1,000,000 reservists.[12] Police: 152,000 or 1:356. Ukraine is 77.8% Ukrainian, 17.3% Russian, 4.9% other. Religion: 65.7% Orthodox Christian, 16.3% undeclared or agnostic, 7.1% simple Christian, 6.5% Greek Catholic, 1.9% Protestant, 1.1% Muslim, 1.0% Roman Catholic, 0.2% Judaism, 0.2% Hindu, 0.2% other. Ukraine is a candidate for membership in the European Union and NATO. However, the national government has proven unable to exert control in all the territory it claims, and is unable or unwilling to protect those persons under its jurisdiction from human trafficking.[13] Nationalist sentiment is strongest in western Ukraine, which had a long history of affiliation with Poland, and weak or non-existent in eastern Ukraine, which has strong historical and linguistic ties to Russia. If Ukraine government persists in attempts to formally enter EU, consider for partition among Rumania, Poland, Hungary, and Russia, according to Operational Scenario #4.

BELARUS. Population: 10,000,000. President Aleksandr Lukashenko. Armed Forces: 65,000 active-duty personnel, 290,000 reserves.[14] Police: 136,990 or 1:1,442.[15] Belarus is 83.7% Belarusian, 8.2% Russian, 3.1% Polish, 1.7% Ukrainian, 0.13% Jews, 3.2% other.[16] Religion: 48.3% Orthodox, 41.1% non-practicing or irreligious, 7.1% Roman Catholic, 3.3% other. Belarus has very close security ties with Russia. President Aleksandr Lukashenko has ruled since independence in 1991.

UNITED STATES. Population: 325,000,000. President Donald Trump. Armed Forces: 1.4 million active-duty personnel, 900,000 reserves. Police: 913,161 or 1:284. The United States is 77% white, 13% black, 5.6% Asian, 1.4% Native American or indigenous, and 2.6% mixed race. Of these, 17.6% are considered ‘Hispanic’ and 82.4% ‘non-Hispanic’. Religion: 70.6% Christian, 22.8% non-religious or agnostic, 1.9% Judaism, 0.9% Muslim, 0.7% Buddhist, 0.7% Hindu, 1.8% other faiths.[17] The United States is not a European country, but as a nation whose population is made up mainly of persons who claim European ancestry, and as a nation which leads the most important European alliance, NATO, its inclusion in this supplement is relevant.

U.S. FORCES IN EUROPE: 67,000 US troops in Germany, 11,000 US troops in Italy.



The US, UK, and Russia form a coalition to overthrow EU member governments and drive the Turk out of Europe. Operational Scenarios #1, 2, and 3 applied to Greece and Germany; Operational Scenario #4, if nationalists require direct military assistance.


The US and UK form a coalition to drive the Muslims out of Europe.


Russia and the UK form a coalition to drive the Muslim out of Europe.


Russia alone leads occupied European states in campaign to overthrow EU member governments and drive the Muslim out of Europe. Poland and Hungary become senior partners in military coalition.


The U.S. alone leads occupied European states in a campaign to overthrow EU member governments and drive the Muslim out of Europe. The campaign begins with securing France for the National Front.


US, UK, Russia, and Poland lead coalition to free Europe of Islam and EU.


UK, Russia, and Poland lead coalition to free Europe of Islam and EU.


Russia and Poland lead coalition. This appears to be an unlikely scenario; however, the common threat of Islamic jihad and a shared interest in Ukrainian territory,[18] could stimulate a Russo-Polish rapprochement. They fund nationalist opposition parties on the Continent, and supply and support nationalist paramilitary groups. The paramilitary groups are formed for 1) self-defense; 2) attacks against Islamic and non-European colonies; 3) cooperation with national militaries.


The United States and Russia lead a coalition, the UK BREXIT having been sabotaged, leaving the UK in the hands of a hostile government.

The United States and Russia employ Operational Scenarios #1, 2, and 3 to gain control of the British Isles. The US and Russia support British nationalist and Irish patriotic parties, air-drop weapons and supplies to UK and Irish patriots and assist insurgent forces. If Operational Scenario #3 is not successful, then the US activates Scenario #4, landing military forces to directly participate in military action, alongside British and Irish patriots, against puppet regimes.

The Most Implacable Enemy.

Some are familiar with certain Jews, such as George Soros,[19] Barbara Lerner Specter[20] and Annetta Kahane,[21] [22] who promote the destruction of European peoples and cultures. And there are people who believe that if they are ‘nice’ to Israel, nationalist Jews will support European nationalists. While one might logically suppose that Jewish nationalists and Israel would be natural allies of European nationalists, this presumption is erroneous. European nationalists fail to take into account that 1) Jewish nationalists are devoted exclusively to advancing the interests of the Jewish State, and 2) Jewish nationalists (Zionists) are motivated by teachings of Judaism or the Talmud, not Christianity. Thus, whereas Westerners strive to live by the injunction of forgiving their enemies, Jews are guided by the Old Testament law of “an Eye for an Eye” – no matter how long it takes to get even. And this is where Western, and in particular European nationalists, fail to understand exactly why European nations face extinction: it is not so much a matter of misguided policies, or even the result of a few madmen being in charge: it is largely the result of Jews applying the Talmudic law of revenge.

As stated above, “an Eye for an Eye” is a basic principal of Jewish ethics. Modern Europeans have forgotten – but Jews have not – that for over 1,000 years Jews were virtually imprisoned in ghettos, all throughout Europe. This was primarily for the safety of the non-Jewish inhabitants – particularly the girls, surrounding them, who would otherwise be in danger of being kidnapped for the sex slave trade.[23] But that matters not to the Jew. All he understands today, is that yesterday his ancestors were walled into ghettoes for 1,000 years.

With the coming of Napoleon, the Jews were freed from the ghettoes, but they were not yet free to take Talmudic revenge on their gentile neighbors. But 200 years after Napoleon liberated them, they are ready to take revenge. And that revenge is to reduce Europeans to a tiny minority in their own homelands, and put them behind walls for 1,000 years, in ghettoes which are surrounded by Muslims. This is the spirit of vengeance behind the migrant catastrophe that has befallen Europe.



[2] John Bouvier, Bouvier’s Law Dictionary and Concise Encyclopedia of the Law (Buffalo, William S. Hein Company, 1984) V.3, 3313.



[5] Often dominated by a racial stratum of Jews.


















[23] To this day, Jews engage in sex trafficking: “Israel is a destination country…for women trafficked from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Belarus, China, and possibly the Philippines for the purpose of sexual exploitation. In addition, NGOs note an increase in the internal trafficking of Israeli women for commercial sexual exploitation, and report new instances of trafficking of Israeli women abroad to Canada, Ireland, and England. African asylum seekers entering Israel illegally are also vulnerable to trafficking for forced labor or prostitution.”