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At least 20 Indian Army soldiers killed in a face-off with Chinese troops.

At least 20 Indian soldiers have died at Galwan Valley, in Ladakh, in a face-off between Indian and Chinese soldiers, according to government sources. Chinese forces also suffered casualties, ANI reports. It’s the first loss of life in at least 45 years and comes after weeks of tension between the two sides.

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Is a Pentagon Faction Planning a Military Coup after the November 2020 Election?

In making surprise public declarations against the President’s promise to quell anarchist uprisings in cities across the nation, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, General Mike Milley, appear to have engaged in open insubordination toward the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces.

What to make of it? Are they simply disagreeing in principle with the President’s strong talk and actions toward Antifa anarchists and Black Lives looters, whom they gently refer to as “protesters”? Will their insubordination end there? What do they really have planned? In their eagerness to oppose the American President, Esper and Milley may have unwittingly facilitated the detection of an unpatriotic Pentagon faction. Moreover, their willingness to disobey the orders of the President, could indicate a willingness to forcibly REMOVE the President from office.

Just consider that the Fake News Media has been entertaining scenarios in which Donald Trump refuses to vacate the White House, if Democrats win the election in November. They have already pushed a number of phony narratives in Trump’s first term, so why not push a phony, LOST ELECTION narrative? This would give an un-American Pentagon faction a pretext to use military force, to remove the President from the White House.

This may be the coup plotters unspoken, but tacitly understood plan to deny Donald Trump a legitimate, second 4-year term in the Oval Office. Many indicators point toward a Trump victory in November 2020 and this could be pushing the Deep State, out of desperation, to think the unthinkable: the military overthrow of a legitimately elected President of the United States. 

America knows what the Left and the unpatriotic top brass have for such a show-down: ANTIFA anarchists, Black Lives militants, looters, ass-clowns, and control of the major news networks. What the patriotic Right has to bring to the fight is still unclear: there are 60 million gun owners, hundreds of thousands of police, and as many active-duty Military and Reservists, who share the President’s vision for a strong, God-fearing, and respected America. But it remains unclear how many will answer the call of duty and support the President, should the day come. They are an unknown quantity.

And that question must weigh in the minds of the coup plotters – as well as patriot leaders.

Patrick Cloutier is the author of Mussolini’s War in Spain 1936-1939. Italian Intervention in the Spanish Civil War.