California, the Reconstruction State

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government …” – Article IV, Section 4, U.S. Constitution

Since President Trump took the Oath of Office, there have been numerous protests by those embittered over the election result. One group of malcontents in California has threatened to put secession to a statewide referendum. Whether or not the authors of such a proposal only wish to make political theater, or truly intend to secede from the U.S. (and presumably join with Mexico), they unwittingly make California a candidate for Reconstruction.

Let’s consider a few things:

First, California “secession” is not demanded by the verifiable citizen population, but rather by the political careerists and collaborators who aid and abet illegal Mexican immigration.

Second, those careerists and collaborators who support secession actually represent the invading population, not Californians.

Third, since local and state officials are using their powers to represent illegal aliens, while under the color of law repressing and dispossessing the citizens of California, then Californians are in essence deprived of representation; that is, they are deprived of the “Republican Form of Government” guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Can the United States government intervene on behalf of Californians, if the governor and Legislature will not protect their rights?

The U.S. guarantee of a republican form of government presumes there will be times when a state legislature or governor are willing but unable to protect the people. And it presumes there will be times when a state legislature and governor choose not to protect the people. In such cases, the U.S. may intervene without invitation. In the post-Civil War period, the Enforcement Acts allowed the federal government to protect the rights of citizens, when states would not. In the post-Obama period, California merits direct United States intervention, on behalf of Californians.

One thing immediately worthy of reconstruction is the California Legislature.

California, a state with a population of 39 million, has a legislature that is less representative than the U.S. Congress. The State Senate has only 40 state senators, each having a district with 930,000 people – larger than a U.S. congressional district (which has approximately 705,000 people). Then there is the California State Assembly, which has only 80 members, each representing 465,000 people. In contrast, tiny Rhode Island, whose population is only 1 million, has a state legislature with 38 senators and 78 assemblymen. Lack of representation in California has led to perhaps unimaginable corruption – this is the state that decriminalized child prostitution and actively thwarts federal laws on illegal aliens, regardless of the harm they cause Californians, by providing them with services, drivers licenses and the right to vote.

A state that actively aids and abets voter fraud and disenfranchisement of electors, and abdicates its responsibility to protect the weakest members of society – children – is on the verge of being a failed state and suffers from an institutional immorality and corruption that hearkens to the days of Roman Emperor Caligula. Unprotected minors, citizen disfranchisement and talk of secession all point to the need for Reconstruction in California.

There may be many Reconstruction scenarios for a state like California, but federalization of California’s National Guard and an extensive commitment of U.S. Marshals seem like good places to start. During Reconstruction, California might have the status of a territory, with a territorial legislature, but without electors. To regain its electors, state institutions would have to be thoroughly cleansed of careerists, from top to bottom, the illegal-alien population expelled and its collaborators imprisoned. Once that is done, then new city charters and a new state constitution can be written, new district lines can be drawn, and new councilmen and state legislators can be elected and seated.

It may seem like an extraordinary scenario, but is the above scenario less acceptable than the existing state of affairs, in which the state abandons children to the depraved and political careerists may plot secession on behalf of illegal immigrants from Mexico?

Patrick Cloutier is the author of “Three Kings: Axis Royal Armies on the Russian Front 1941”, and “Three Kings: Axis Royal Armies on the Russian Front 1942“.

This article first appeared in World Net Daily.


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