Open Season on Whites: 28 Dead in Jan ’21. Twenty-eight black-on-white apparent homicides were uncovered in local media outlets during January 2021. There were likely many more. The victims range in age from 3 to 64 years old.The suspects range in age from 17 to 47. All are black males (one with a white accomplice) except for one, rather unusual, case of a black woman.

Editor’s Note: Another black-on-white murder was that of Ashli Babbit, who was murdered by a black Capitol Police Officer on January 6th. Authorities still refuse to give his identity.

Left: 3-year old Victoria Rose Smith, murdered by her black adoptive parents, pictured to her right.

Blog Editor Patrick Cloutier is the author of Mussolini’s War in Spain 1936-1939. Italian Intervention in the Spanish Civil War.

Mussolini's War in Spain 1936-1939: Italian Intervention in the Spanish Civil War

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