More Canadians Force Mask Nazi Retreat.

World Net Daily: In a second case of civil disobedience, video shows health authorities retreating from a restaurant, after people objected to their presence. The confrontation took place at the Corduroy restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia, which opposes the banning of indoor dining in the Canadian province. Owner Rebecca Matthews confronted the inspector, and said: “You’re trespassing on my private property.” The health inspector didn’t agree he was trespassing, and that’s when the crowd at the restaurant began chanting in unison, “Get out! Get out!”

Restaurant owner Rebecca Matthews confronts mask nazis from Vancouver Health Department.

Blog Editor Patrick Cloutier is the author of Mussolini’s War in Spain 1936-1939. Italian Intervention in the Spanish Civil War.

Mussolini's War in Spain 1936-1939: Italian Intervention in the Spanish Civil War

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