Joe Biden Exempts Congress, Staffers, and U.S. Postal Employees, from Vax Mandate; Illegal Aliens are also Exempted from Vax

Coronavirus: Republican Backlash Over Joe Biden's Vaccine Mandate
Above: Joe Biden threatens businesses with heavy fines, if their employees do not accept experimental Covid-19 vaccination, but illegal aliens are exempt-will this prompt business to fire Americans and hire illegal aliens? Was that an intended outcome of the so-called vaccine mandate, all along?

THE GATEWAY PUNDIT: In related stories, The Gateway Pundit revealed that members of Congress, their staffers, and Postal Employees are exempted from the vaccine mandate; the TGP also advised Americans that illegal aliens are not required to accept the Covid-19 vaccination, nor indeed, are they required to test for it. It seems that the latter exemption might encourage U.S. businesses to replace American workers with undocumented aliens – could this have been an intended consequence of the vaccine mandate?

Blog Editor Patrick Cloutier is the author of Mussolini’s War in the East 1941-1943.

Mussolini's War in the East 1941-1943.: The CSIR and ARMIR on the Russian Front.

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