CA Recall Ballots Have See-Thru Envelope, Light Reveals “Yes” Recall Newsom Votes

Above: Light reveals “YES” Recall Gavin Newsom vote – can any California election now be seen as legitimate?

THE GATEWAY PUNDIT: California Republicans reported having issues at the polling booths. Many were told they had already voted, even though they had not. Apparently, California is following Maricopa County’s playbook for election fraud. In one astonishing reveal, it was discovered that mail-in ballots were not provided with business-style, protective envelopes, which ensure the privacy of content sent via the U.S. Postal Service. Postal workers, ballot-counters, or anyone else, could clearly see the choice a voter made, by shining a weak light behind the envelope. In theory, this would allow election cheats to discard any anti-Newsom vote; in practice, this likely occurred, given how pervasive ballot fraud has become in the United States.

Blog Editor Patrick Cloutier is the author of Mussolini’s War in the East 1941-1943.

Mussolini's War in the East 1941-1943.: The CSIR and ARMIR on the Russian Front.

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