The January 6th Quiet Riot.

SINCE JANUARY 2021, there has been a lot of Establishment and Mainstream Media talk about an “insurrection” that took place at the Capitol, on January 6th, 2021. Hundreds and hundreds of innocent people have been swept up by the Biden Regime in a reign of terror and thrown into D.C. jails, where they have been subjected to physical and mental abuse at the hands of the authorities. The Government has gone after harmless pensioners who strolled through an open door, as well as men and women, who were nowhere near the location. And just recently, 19 year-old Carla Krzywicki and her mother, Jean Lavin, of Canterbury Connecticut, were arrested by the FBI, for walking into the Capitol Building. Keep in mind that no Government visits were paid to the thousands of black women and men of BLM, who looted stores and burned down cities all summer, nor to their white Anarchist/Communist comrades in ANTIFA, who did likewise. One might argue that the pair fell victim to an entrapment scheme, based upon evidence that Capitol Police officers invited the pro-Trump crowd in, as well as the presence of ANTIFA and BLM members, who had infiltrated Trump supporter groups, for the purpose of turning them violent; there are also indications that plainclothes police and government agents infiltrated the crowd, in order to pose as violent Trump demonstrators. There are enough proofs to create reasonable doubt that the Government is presenting legitimate cases, against the accused.

As one who was in Washington D.C. that day, but was unable to directly attend the rally at the Ellipse, I was nevertheless able to capture images and video footage, which suggest that the “Riot” was not a spontaneous event, but rather one that was planned and carried out by Deep State agents and Capitol Law Enforcement.

Arriving late in the morning, I began walking down Constitution Avenue NW, where I took this photo at 11:01 a.m.:

Above: Constitution Avenue NW near the Federal Trade Commission Building, at 11:01 a.m., 6 January 2021. There are no angry mobs to be seen (nor open coffee shops.)

DURING MY WALK, I encountered groups of people sitting on the grass, who were peacefully listening to guitarists play country music. It might have been another Woodstock, if it weren’t so cold… I also encountered people who were coming from the direction of the rally; they told me that the police would not allow any new arrivals to walk to the place where President Trump was giving his speech. So they were trickling back toward the Capitol. Since the police were turning people back, I opted to turn around and head back toward the Capitol Building, to track the progress of the Electoral Vote count, which most Trump supporters thought would be contested.

At 11:32 a.m., I took this photo of the Capitol Reflecting Pool; there weren’t many people around, as the picture shows:

Above: Capitol Reflection Pool, 11:32 a.m., 6th of January 2021.

I NEXT took a photograph of the Washington Monument, which is about 1.5 miles away from the Capitol Building. The estimated walking time between the two points, for a healthy adult in normal circumstances, is just over 30 minutes. Time is 11:38 a.m. Still very few people to see in the background, nor is there an angry mob coming from the White House.

Above: Washington Monument in the background, 11:38 a.m. 6th of January 2021.

IN THIS NEXT PHOTOGRAPH, taken at 11:39 a.m., the Capitol can be seen in the background. No one is visible on the steps of the Capitol, nor on the wide lawn in front of it.

Above: Capitol Hill, 11:39 a.m. 6th of January 2021. No one can be seen on the Capitol steps.

AT TWELVE NOON, I was crossing Constitution Avenue NW, on the north side of the Capitol, when I saw a column of men marching down the street. They had come from the east – the opposite direction of the Trump Rally, which was 1.5 miles to the west. Leading the column was Q Anon Shaman, or Buffalo Horns guy. As they started passing, I decided to film them. At the time, I thought the colorful group was composed of members of the Proud Boys. It sounded as though they were chanting, “WHOSE STREETS? OUR STREETS!” Whoever they were, they were not a mob: they moved under discipline, and witnesses told me they had been brought in on chartered buses. As the column passed, it moved toward the front doors of the Capitol, where 20 minutes earlier, as my previous picture shows, there was no one to be seen. These men and women, perhaps 300-400 in number, had just gained themselves front row seats for a riot that they would instigate – well ahead of most Trump supporters, who would trickle in later. Keep in mind that these false-flag agents had placed themselves in front of the Capitol doors, 1 full hour before Trump would end his speech, and 1 hour and 40 minutes, before any ‘mob’, made ‘angry’ by the President, would have arrived there, after walking 1.5 miles from the White House.


Above: North of Capitol on Constitution Avenue NW, at 12:02 p.m., 6th of January 2021.

From Constitution Avenue, I walked around to the back of the Capitol Building, to take shelter from the wind. There was a loose collection of people in the area and no one seemed aware that anything was happening on the other side of the Capitol. As the photo below shows, people are calmly standing around, chatting with each other.

Above: Back side of the Capitol, at 1:28 p.m. 6th of January 2021.

At about 1:50 p.m., a man approached a group of people I was standing with, and started speaking in a rather incendiary manner, about going from “ballots to bulletts”, because “the will of the People” had been thwarted. He claimed that the police had detained him for 3 hours, because he had a suspicious bomb/boiling pot, along with some powdered ice tea mix. (I happened to see these items lying on the ground earlier, next to a nearby park bench. So the police had detained him, but left his “bomb” behind?) I started video-taping, just to get a record of what he was talking about. In any case, it seemed he was trying to get people angry and excited, but was unsuccessful. You can listen to him speaking in the video below. And as the camera pans right, you can see dozens of people, waiting calmly in line to use the port-a-potties… The only commotion to be heard, comes from the sirens of police cars and fire trucks.

Above: behind the Capitol Building, at 1:55 p.m., 6th of January 2021. People seem unaware of anything happening on the other side of the Capitol.

I decided to leave, but wanted to get a photo and film of the Supreme Court Building across the street. In the photo below, you can see two people who appear to be waving for a ride – but there was no taxi service! The only vehicles in sight are government vehicles.

Above: across the street from the Supreme Court Building, 2:00 p.m., 6th of January 2021.

A moment later, I started filming and the story-teller from minutes earlier appeared in the frame. He is wearing the red knit hat and waving a yellow, plastic bowl, as though he is signalling someone. As he moves to the right of the frame below, you can see his boiling pot in his left hand – so the police released him after 3 hours, so he could reunite with his ‘bomb’?

Above: Across the street from the Supreme Court Building, 2:01 p.m., 6th of January 2021.

I walked from the Supreme Court Building toward Union Station. As I was waiting, a Public Service Announcement came onto my phone’s screen, which indicated that anyone in Washington D.C., who was not a resident, had to leave the city by 6:00 p.m. I filmed the Trump supporters as they filed toward the train station. Everyone, without exception, walked toward the entrance in a calm, orderly manner. There were no fist fights among anyone, no acts of vandalism, nor commotions. The only disturbances were caused by the sirens of police and fire vehicles.

Above: outside Union Station, 3:10 p.m. 6th of January 2021.

Above: outside Union Station, 3:20 p.m. 6th of January 2021.

Above: outside Union Station, 3:21 p.m. 6th of January 2021.

All in all, January 6th was a quiet riot. There was a so-called, street-theater “insurrection” on the front steps of the Capitol, but it was led by Deep State agents-provocateurs and Capitol Police. The hundreds of people who have been thrown into D.C. jail cells, or who have otherwise been detained, are victims of a mass-scale entrapment, by an illegitimate government. Two innocent women died that day, and two others – 19 year-old Carla Krzywicki and her mother, Jean Lavin – now live in fear of a Regime that is threatening them with incarceration, for the ‘crime’ of accepting a Capitol Police invitation to walk through the rotunda of Congress. Based on the plentiful evidence of entrapment and Capitol Police misconduct, reported by news outlets like The Gateway Pundit, World Net Daily, The Epoch Times, The Still Report, and others, the charges against them – and the hundreds of others – should be thrown out.

Blog Editor Patrick Cloutier is the author of Mussolini’s War in the East 1941-1943.

Mussolini's War in the East 1941-1943.: The CSIR and ARMIR on the Russian Front.

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