Military Situation in Ukraine 5 March 2022

Above: Military Situation in Ukraine, 5/6 March 2022.

Russian forces operating in the region of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, attempted to circumvent the city by advancing southeast and southwest of it; however, a local Ukrainian counterattack driving north from Kiev, cut off the flanking Russian column engaged in the maneuver. Another Russian column, advancing southwest from the region of Konotop, came to the relief of the isolated group. Moreover, Ukrainian forces withdrew from the salient on the Mena-Shostka axis, allowing Russian forces to gain control of the corridor for a second time. Russian forces east of the capital region thus appear poised to isolate Chernihiv; meanwhile, Russian forces west of Kyiv have remained more or less static.

In the south, a Russian column from the Mikhailov area advanced northwest, going as far as Voznessensk, a town situated on the Dnistro River. Russian forces between Nova Kakhovka and Melitopol appear to be consolidating their conquests, before advancing further. Compare Russian positions at end of 5 March (above), with those of 3 March 2022 (below).

Russian positions in Ukraine, end of 3 March 2022.

Blog Editor Patrick Cloutier is the author of Mussolini’s War in the East 1941-1943.

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