America and the Battle for Germany

America and the Battle for Germany

     Thirty-six years ago, naïve thinking in the White House led to a US retreat across the world stage, in the face of communism. Ronald Reagan appeared and offered Americans strong leadership in a world of crisis. He contained communism and his policies eventually brought an end to the Cold War. Today, after 8 years of ineffective leadership that has crippled America abroad and torn her apart at home, the people have chosen Donald Trump to lead in the face of an even greater threat: the Islamic invasion of the West.

     Although the Communist Bloc was a military threat to the West, the US and her European allies stood firm and successfully developed economic and military deterrents, which prevented everyone’s worst fear – a Warsaw Pact invasion. Nor were communist governments able to eradicate Western Civilization in the minds of their captive peoples, often having to use its symbols to legitimize their rule. And once communism dissipated, Eastern Europe quickly reclaimed the pillars of Western thought and governance. Indeed, in many ways, the Western identity of former Warsaw Pact members is stronger than ever: no Islamic invasion threatens them.

     In the capitals of western Europe, however, political dilettantes and mattoids are striving to impose a super-state across the continent, without the consent of the governed. But they may only build it upon the ruins of Europe. To this end, leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel have handed their nations over to millions of violent Muslim refugees, who are ready to commit any atrocity under the green banner of Islam. However, before Chancellor Merkel and those like her could betray their own people, they first had to undermine the NATO Treaty.

     According to the Treaty preamble, NATO members are pledged “to safeguard the freedom, common heritage, and civilization of their [historic] peoples.” Angela Merkel’s refugee policy violates that mission statement, as well as two Treaty articles, which require members to promote conditions of internal stability (Article 2) and prohibit members from entering international agreements that conflict with the Treaty (Article 8).[1] Thus, Merkel’s project for cleansing Germany of Germans, under the cover of an EU agreement, has no legitimacy – and only the mistakenly assumed legitimacy of her actions has prevented Germans from rising up en masse in revolt.

     As the leader of the senior partner of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, President Trump can directly address Chancellor Merkel’s treaty violations. A first step would be to align with the patriotic AfD Party and help restore order in Germany, which is reeling from a Muslim jihadist crisis that has grown beyond police control.[2] The United States and its allies can send military reinforcements to Germany, in order to support the German police and military, while civil institutions reverse the Muslim migrant flow.

     On a grand strategic level, the Trump Administration can take the lead in driving Islam out of Europe, from the Arctic Circle to the toe of Italy, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Aegean Sea. To this end, the United States should align itself with nationalist European leaders like Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, and Victor Orban, and movements like BREXIT. The US must also stand ready to support and supply European armies, like Sweden’s, which have been weakened[3] to such a point that they may not be able to cope with an Islamic insurgency. All the while, the US should help civil institutions promote self-deportation of Muslim refugees.

     From a broad perspective, the United States should cultivate a strategic partnership with Russia to defend the periphery of Europe, a first priority of which should be the defeat of ISIS in Syria. Alexis de Tocqueville once wrote that America and Russia seem marked out by the will of Heaven to sway the destiny of half the globe. If they work together to perpetuate the legacy of Western Civilization, there could not be a more appropriate use of their power.

     The Western World is at a crossroads in history. She can choose to fall to the hordes of Islam or she can choose a new Renaissance in a new Age of Reason, whose light travels far into the future, like the distant stars of the night. If she chooses Reason, then she must first win the Battle for Germany. And Trump, whose Presidency combines the three elements of man, moment, and means, must lead not only America, but all of Western Civilization.

Patrick Cloutier


Mr. Cloutier is the author of “Three Kings: Axis Royal Armies on the Russian Front 1941”.




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